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These are given for educational purposes. Please note that I do not necessarily endorse all the views expressed therein.
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  Link   Mike Licona
Expert on the historical evidence for the Resurrection.
  Link   Closer to Truth
Excellent site with video interviews with various scholars on topics such as the Cosmos, God, & Consciousness.
  Link   A Christian Thinktank
More articles on more subjects than you could ever read. Excellent site.
  Link   Cross Examined
Apologist Frank Turek.
  Link   Probe Ministries
  Link   Apologetics 315
  Link   RZIM
  Link   Norman Geisler
Christian apologist.
  Link   Discovery Institute
  Link   Tekton Education & Apologetics
  Link   Christian Research Institute
  Link   The Areopagus Study Center
  Link   Impact Apologetics
  Link   Stand to Reason
  Link   International Society of Christian Apologetics

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