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These are given for educational purposes. Please note that I do not necessarily endorse all the views expressed therein.
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  Link   Patrick Lee’s Bioethics Site
  Link   After Abortion
  Link   The Witherspoon Institute
  Link   Other Health Care Ethics Sites
A site with links to various other sites from various perspectives in medical ethics.
  Link   Genetics and Behavior
A government site with various articles on the study of the relation of genetics to behavior.
  Link   The Humanitas Project
A helpful site that compiles news items and commentary on issues in medical ethics.
  Link   National Catholic Bioethics Center
A good source from a conservative Catholic perspective that adheres closely to the teachings of the Magisterium.
  Link   Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Great source of information; articles on many topics in medical ethics. From a conservative evangelical perspective.

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