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These are given for educational purposes. Please note that I do not necessarily endorse all the views expressed therein.
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  Link   The Society of Christian Philosophers
  Link   Paul Copan
  Link   Evangelical Philosophical Society
  Link   Alvin Plantinga
  Link   J. P. Moreland
  Link   Mortimer Adler Page
Helpful online works by a Thomist of the last century.
  Link   Max Scheler Page
A site devoted to philosopher Max Scheler, my favorite of the phenomenologists.
  Link   Richard G. Howe
Virtual office of another former philosophy professor of mine with valuable articles available on his site.
  Link   William Lane Craig
Virtual office of perhaps the premier evangelical philosopher of religion today. An advocate of the Kalam Cosmological argument.
  Link   Francis Beckwith
Virtual office of a philosopher at Baylor who has many helpful articles of interest posted on his site. Has adopted and expanded Patrick Lee's argument.
  Link   Patrick Lee Home Page
A former philosophy professor of mine whose pro-life argument from substantial identity is the best I've seen for beginning of life issues.

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